QuarterMaster for 16+ years is a tried & trusted asset & inventory management system for law enforcement & government agencies.

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QuarterMaster Software

Automate the task of tracking your valuable equipment, assets and supplies.
Our Inventory Management system was designed specifically for Law Enforcement and other government agencies, to address the needs of managing sensitive, tactical, high dollar, critical inventory.

QuarterMaster Software - Issue, Check-out Equipment


Assign inventory to individuals, departments or units within your division, while capturing your critical information into one master database. With barcode scanners and label printers, QuarterMaster can check-out agency equipment at a moment's notice.

QuarterMaster Software - Manage Equipment's Change of Custody


QuarterMaster is off-the-shelf ready for any agency or organization, yet adaptable to meet your unique needs. Build user profiles and manage role-based permission settings for security and verification of your equipment's chain-of-custody.

QuarterMaster Software - Comprehensive Reporting


QuarterMaster's comprehensive reporting features create audit ready statistics based on metrics that are meaningful to your department. Access inventory management data around the status, location and history of any item or recipient.


Quickly & accurately issue items to personnel or locations.

Track any inventory, from ballistic vests, body cameras, weapons & ammunition, to even office supplies at your headquarters like laptops.

Instantly know location, due back dates & availability of equipment.

Report on HIDTA and other grant purchased items separately.

Create ‘kits’ of equipment.

Compile equipment usage data to analyze need for repair or replacement.

Utilize barcode technology for speed and accuracy.


Hardware Options

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanners

Rugged Mobile Devices

Rugged Mobile Devices


Barcode Label Printers



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